Sunday, November 30, 2014

Last day of NaNo 2014

I'm starting the day at 36220 words. Yep, nearly 14k words to go to hit 50k. Not as bad as last year. And a much more believable goal now that I've remembered to take my Prozac, unlike yesterday. Oops.

I'll try to check in roughly every hour with what I'm at, what I'm listening to, and how it's going. So:

At around 8:15 I'd just added 1022 words, making my new total 37242. Now that I have this post set up, let's kick that in the butt before 9:00 rolls around.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

to save a hat

I did a thing today.

Quite a while ago, I supported a great sustainability kickstarter that involved teaching indigenous women in the Philippines to knit. I got a hat through it, which looked a little something like this:

I loved it. I wore it. A lot.

But then once I pulled it off with an acrylic sweater, which it ended up inside of. So when said sweater was tossed in the wash, said poor hat went in too.

This lovely cables became this:

 My camera didn't even want to focus on them.

My heart was broken. But I paid $40 for this hat, and some wonderful woman out there in the world spent her time to make it for me. So I still wore it. But now it sat up on my head like a bowl cut or a mushroom cap.

I was determined to fix this. And so, some hours and lovely blue variegated yarn later:

It's perfect! Well, not as much as if it hadn't gone through the wash, but I consider it   sufficiently resurrected from the dead.

So, have you been able to save any felting mistakes, or transformed them into something else?

Listening to: Ampersand by Unwoman. Beautiful rendition. I have a weakness for that little vocal squeak she does at one point during the bridge.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

nano 2013 widgets

Nothing exciting; just widgets for the wordwar my friends and I are having.

Team A

 Team B